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Mulatto may have just removed herself from a few of her fans’ playlist after the rapper wore an outfit depicting Hindu God, Vishnu.

Almost immediately after posting herself in the outfit with a choker that read “SEX,” many confronted the rapper, calling her insensitive and saying that their religion should not be used for fashion. After seeing the immense amount of backlash, Mulatto issued an apology on her social media to let her fans know, it was not in her intention to offend anyone.

“I apologize to anyone I’ve offended by wearing an outfit featuring the Hindu god Vishnu,” The MuWop rapper began. “I honestly didn’t know the meaning or background behind what I was wearing and it was not my intention to disrespect the religion and cultural beliefs of others.” 


Some fans were backing the self-proclaimed “Queen of Da Souf” up, saying that she didn’t need to apologize while other fans appreciate the fact that the rapper apologized for her actions.

It’s safe to say, moving forward, Mulatto will think twice about her wardrobe!