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August 24th is officially Kobe Bryant Day in Orange County.

The Board of Supervisions had a successful vote to honor the late NBA icon. During his career, Kobe Bryant’s numbers on his jerseys were 8 and 24, therefore a fitting day to celebrate his legacy would be August 24,” the resolution said.

Mamba is no stranger to Orange County. He stayed there throughout his 20-year career, even after he retired. “Kobe Bryant was a basketball legend that inspired so many globally to pursue their dreams and taught us that hard work truly pays off,” the resolution says.


Officials even added how pedestrians can celebrate Kobe Bryant Day. “By engaging in community building, helping young people in need, encouraging aspiring youth to follow their dreams, and living by Bryant’s words: ‘The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they could be great in whatever they want to do.'”