This past Thursday, 6ix9ine visited Los Angeles for the first time since being off out house arrest. The rapper decided to pay a visit to the Nipsey Hussle mural near the late rapper’s Marathon Clothing store.

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6ix9ine was caught on camera seemingly being rushed back into his car by security. This led many to think he was not welcome in Nip’s hood.

Nip’s former bodyguard, J-Roc, posted on Instagram telling 6ix9ine he needed to pay his respects to the late rapper. However, it seems more than anything that 6ix9ine used the opportunity to have a photoshoot.


Longtime rival, The Game, and fellow LA rapper, Reason, had a problem with 6ix9ine seemingly disrespecting Nip.

“Disrespectful🐀…keep playing,” The Game commented under 6ix9ine’s post.

“Aye bro, it’s a video already out, you were there for 60 seconds for this and got escorted by police back to the car,” Reason wrote. “Troll all you want, but leave our legend out of it.”