Manje Khan has been recently making a name for himself in the South. He brings a unique and fun style to Hip-Hop. Similar to the name of his newest single, he has made a “Splash” onto the scene. 

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Assisted with a vibrant trap beat, Manje flows smoothly on the track. Although his flow is unorthodox, it is sonically pleasing. His lyrics echo an expression of hunger because he is well aware that with talent and hard work, no one can stop his rise to fame. 

“As an artist, I think I deserve more,” Manje said with confidence during a studio session the song was recorded in. “I’ve honestly been slept on to the point I feel disrespected. Yes, I’m a nice guy, but I feel like I can achieve another level of success, and I shall reach it. The rest of 2020 and beyond, look for me to shine bright!”


Manje Khan has been gotten some recognition but, looks for more. With the release of “Splash, he is confident that he will soon touch more prominent platforms. His spirit is high, and he is naturally self-assured.  

You may wet your eardrums to a “Splash” of new music with Khan’s single, which is available on your favorite streaming platform. 

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