Depending on the age or region, the “best rapper alive” title can arguably go to JAY-Z or Lil Wayne.

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During an interview with Power 106, Juvenile said that he wanted Weezy to do a Verzuz battle with his idol. “Jay-Z and Wayne. Come on. Let’s stop playing,” Juvie proclaimed nine minutes into the conversation. “Jay-Z and Wayne or put Drake in the conversation, but let it be one of them three. Let it be one of the top dogs. But stop playing with him, he’s serious.”

The “Back That Azz Up” rapper even took it up a notch and said Tunechi is better than Jigga. “I’ve been telling Wayne he was the best rapper since day one,” Juvie continued. “I always told him he’s the greatest rapper I know the best rapper I know… and he used to always put Jay-Z on a pedestal and I used to tell him ‘Aye, man. You not hearing what I’m hearing.'”


Both JAY-Z and Wayne have had illustrious careers and changed the course of Hip Hop in their own right. So the hypothetical battle can lean in either direction, but it’s clear who the New Orleans native has his money on. “I think Wayne could go at it with anybody,” Juvenile said.

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