With all this great NBA action going on, it’s easy to forget how great Steph Curry is since he isn’t playing right now.

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Following the Portland Trailblazers shocking game 1 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Inside The NBA’s Kenny Smith praised Damian Lillard but at the same time, took a jab at Curry.

Smith fixed his mouth and said, ” I don’t think you can shoot as deep as him Steph.”


Curry took to Twitter to comment on Smith’s take.

Smith replied back quickly and it seems to apply it’s been a while since we have seen Curry play meaningful basketball.

To be fair, Curry remade the NBA by taking shots from almost any distance and making them with regularity.

That has since inspired a generation of players to attempt 3-pointers from extremely long distances. Lillard is the latest player to pull up and shoot long-range threes often, and he’s is making them look so easy.