Tiktok has helped to discover the stars of the next generation. This includes Jufu, a 20 year-old Brooklyn native, who has amassed over 3.1 million followers on the platform. It all began with the release of his viral hit “Who R U.”

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Now the rising star has garnered love from the likes of Will Smith, Ariana Grande and Steve Harvey.

He is extremely appreciative and finds purpose in knowing that his content has a positive impact.


“It’s definitely cool to me,” said Jufu. “If I could leave an impact on these huge artists and actors in a positive, fun way, to influence their supporters, it’s like my newfound purpose.”

The success of “Who R U,” sparked the interest of record labels, eventually landed with Island Records to release his first EP, Get Used To Me back in May.

Jufu hosted a release party on Zoom and was joined by a number of his supporters. The attendees received a chance to be featured in the “What’s The Vibe?” music video.

Although he wanted to shoot a house party video, he was more than content with the last minute animated outcome. The Tillavision directed visuals took animation to new heights. Tilla is also the director behind DJ Khaled’s latest animated promo videos for “Popstar” and “Greece.”

As Jufu prepares to release his first full length album, which he says will drop before the end of 2020, he is rehearsing nonstop for an “Unplugged“ session as well. The audience may be in for a surprise during the “Unplugged” session. Jufu looks to display his versatility as an artist with a potential debut of his guitar. In addition, you can expect an opera and rap combination throughout his career.

Some may balk at the combination, but Jufu’s dad was extremely fond of the genre. With a number of sub-genres within Hip-Hop, Opera-Trap has the chance to gain its proper attention as well.

In a society that parallels success with production quality and results, Jufu deviates from the norm.

“Success is really self-fulfillment,” said the Tiktok star. “You can have a goal in your subconscious, but think about the things that make you feel fulfilled.”

When it comes to fulfillment for Jufu, it’s the service for him.

“I’m trying every way possible to learn how to do that through my music, my content and how to put that more into my art.”

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