Kim Kardashian West and Monica are leading an effort to get C-Murder out of prison. His brother, Master P, is appreciative of the effort and has provided some insight into how he feels about their work on the case.

In this appreciation message to the two ladies, Master P issued a warning about how Louisiana is governed.

“My whole thing is getting my brother home. Whatever anybody do that’s gonna spark that plug, I appreciate it,” Master P said in the video obtained by TMZ. “But, like I said, Louisiana is not the same like all the rest of these places.”

He would double down on that sentiment warning the ladies that the effort would not be a cakewalk.

“I hope it’s all for the right reasons with all these people. Louisiana is serious. We done spent millions of dollars throughout all these years and, you know, this place has a lot of corruption. Hopefully, Kim K and her celebrity status– but, this is not going to be easy.”

You can see the message below.

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