Flint, Michigan’s water crisis that started in 2014 is expected to result in a $600 million settlement with the victims according to new reports. The settlement has not been officially announced, but according to the New York Times the state of Michigan reached an agreement with lawyers and city residents on Wednesday.

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The crisis began after the state in an effort to save money switched the city’s water supply source ultimately leading to lead getting into Flint’s water. Children were most heavily affected by the lead in water and are expected to be the majority of the recipients of the settlement. The negotiations lasted 18 months.

In the time period that Flint residents were affected by the lead water, doctors reported that mostly children suffered skin rashes and feelings of illness. According to the most recent data more than 50 percent of Flint is African-American with a median income of less than $30,000.


The Times reports that anyone living in Flint from 2014-2016 will be eligible for the payout which is reportedly in the tens of thousands. Since the nationwide outrage over the poisoning of Flint’s children, the city did switch back to the water source from Lake Huron.

Infrastructure issues still remain in the Flint in an ongoing effort to fully rectify the crisis.