Masika Kalysha is a renowned reality TV star and Clap Back Queen, but the Love & Hip-Hop personality has continued to diversify her portfolio.

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Financial Literacy

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Masika expounded on her financial education and streams of income. Now she is sharing her acquired knowledge in an upcoming book entitled, Stock Market Tips From a Rich B*tch. The book will serve as a foundational guide to achieve success in the stock market.


“I literally started doing my own investing and trading on my daughter’s birthday, which is March 29th,” said the mother of one. “Since then I’ve opened 5 brokerages and I have grown them to seven figures. By my damn self.”

After all, if it worked for one person, it can work for another. The pending drop date for the book is August 26th. Masika dedicates an Instagram page to posting daily stock tips as well.

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Food ✅ Water ✅ Investing ✅

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As a long-time actress, video model and more, Masika’s glam is always on fleek. It was only a matter of time before she founded her own cosmetic line. After researching the products used for make-up and beauty brands, she did not adhere to it.

“I was wearing (beauty) brands that I wasn’t proud of,” she said. “Who decided to put pig hooves and whale blubber in lipstick?”

After having her daughter, she realized the products’ chemicals could eventually affect her if they’re are not natural.

“I didn’t want my need for the integrity of the product to compromise how I look.”

Named after her daughter, Khari Barbie Cosmetics places an emphasis on natural beauty products. It is a vegan based line free of gluten, paraben and animal cruelty. The majority of the products abide by this organic model. In addition, she introduced a lingerie line earlier this Summer during Father’s Day, which is a fitting gift for men. She even joked about men not wanting another tie for a gift.

Past With ViacomCBS

As of now, the world is aware that Masika Kalysha is big on self-advocacy and clapbacks, even when going against a network. She was adamant in defending Nick Cannon following his recent split with ViacomCBS. As a VH1 alum, Masika was extremely vocal about her portrayal on LHH Hollywood.

“I refused to feed into their stereotype and all of the negativity and fake story lines that they wanted for me,” she exclaimed.

Acting & Music

Since moving on from VH1, she has tapped into a number of roles. The Chicago native made her HBO debut on Season 5 of Insecure, where she played Molly brother’s girlfriend. She emphasized the high degree of professionalism exhibited by Issa Rae and the Insecure staff. Masika also stars in Urban Flix’s new series “Pump,” which also features Ray J.

From acting to music, Masika dropped her latest single, “Cappin” back in June. The video has amassed over 400K views after its Worldstar Hip Hop debut. You can expect more music in the future from the full-time entrepreneur.

Mental Health Awareness

As a Chi-town native, Masika was very vocal when Kanye West declared his run for President of the United States.

“I do think that he has an agenda and plan that he’s executing,” she says. “However he does have mental illness.”

Masika relates to helping her brother who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. She recalls countless attempts in getting her brother the help he needed, but it required a lot of patience.

“If you are a mental patient and you’re an adult, they can not force you to take medication,” she says. “It is one of the hardest things to convince an adult with mental illness, that they have a mental illness.”

As a full-time mother, actress, artist and entrepreneur, Masika continues to strive and share the knowledge she has gained along her journey.

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