Legendary recording artist, Wu-Tang Clan member, and hip-hop icon Method Man has somewhat surprisingly entered the modern era of acapella battle rap, taking on infamous Brooklyn battle rap legend Math Hoffa. It appears this Method Man vs. Math Hoffa battle is the first battle in the appropriately titled ‘Legends Only’ battle rap series produced by Hoffa himself, building off the broad success Math Hoffa has developed through his popular ‘My Expert Opinion’ video podcast series with both Ms. Fit and Knowledge Tha God of Hip Hop Is Real that has been gaining significant mainstream attention. The short one-round, 5-minute battle sees Math going first in a very strong round before the legend Meth shows and proves why he is who he is.

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Method Man has recently been a well-received judge on SMACK/URLTV on live-streaming platform Caffeine for the Ultimate Madness 1 & 2 battle rap tournaments and has long been intertwined with the modern era of battle rap, even collaborating on music with Hoffa back in late 2011 on their track ‘Double Barrell’ – watch below.

The next installment of ‘Legends Only’ is already in the works and equally under wraps with possible further names potentially that may make an appearance on ‘Legends Only’ by Math Hoffa include Eminem, Lloyd Banks, Lupe Fiasco, N.O.R.E. of CNN / Drink Champs, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, Nick Cannon, Cassidy, Snoop Dogg amongst a wealth of potential others.


Math Hoffa is also set to battle Chubby Jag on his re-return to battle rap on the groundbreaking Rare Breed Entertainment (RBE) platform next weekend on Saturday 29 August at the private, invite-only event ‘Mask On’. That event is also set to feature Bigg K vs. Mackk Myron, O Red vs. Chef Trez, Snake Eyez vs. Heavy Half and Floss Da Boss vs. Truth Watson by ARP and Co. Looks like 2020 may be an even bigger year for both Math Hoffa and battle rap than the groundbreaking and high-watermark that was last year.