50 Cent filed an appeal against Rick Ross for using “In Da Club” to promote his 2015 album, Black Market.

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The social media post in question featured the Florida rapping promoting his eighth studio album with the 2003 hit single playing in the background. The petty king fired off a lawsuit stating that sampling his record violated the legal protection of his identity, likeliness, name, or personal identifiers.

However, the U.S. Court of Appeals determined that Rozay didn’t infringe upon 50’s rights. “The predominant focus of Jackson’s claim is Roberts’s unauthorized use of a copyrighted sound recording that Jackson has no legal right to control,” the ruling proceeds to indicate. 


The Queens native acquired a portion of his personality rights from “In Da Club” when his Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment deal expired in 2014. But he doesn’t own recording rights of the record, which is why he lost the appeal.

50 Cent and Rick Ross have been publicly feuding for years. Neither party haven’t publicly commented on the decision at the time this article was written.