Doc Rivers was the latest guest on The Boardroom’s Out Of Office podcast and the current coach of the L.A. Clippers revealed hew as glued to Kevin Durant’s location like the rest of the league.

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Last year Rivers was apart of a group who pitched to KD about possibly coming to the L.A. Clippers before he ultimately made a decision to join the Brooklyn Nets. Speaking with Rich Kleiman, Rivers revealed he was certain KD was going to the Knicks just as many others across the NBA did.

“Early on, I was like, ok, Rich is from New York, [Durant] can be the King of New York City, I got a feeling KD is going to the Knicks,” Rivers said. “Listen, I’m in the league and I actually thought that so you know everybody else thought it as well.”


Kleiman would reveal the belief across the NBA was a product of media and he catches heat from fans about KD eventually hitting Brooklyn instead.

“The whole media thought Kevin was going to the Knicks last year,” Kleiman said. “And the media will take a narrative and do what it needs to.”

Rivers’ basketball career is rich in history and during the conversation, he would also discuss his own career and being coached by Pat Riley, his days in Boston, and even talk politics.

You can hear it all below.