“Best relationship I’ve been in in my whole life so far,” says Tiffany Haddish when talking about the relationship between her and her new boo, Common. Tiffany Haddish and Common have hit the dating scene surprising fans with their new love for one another.

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“He’s special. I call him Rashid… I’ve never been in a relationship with a man where it didn’t feel like a competition, where it didn’t feel like I need to dim my light, I need to be smaller than him,” Haddish further elaborated on her relationship to Vlad TV.

Recently, Haddish took to her Instagram live and shaved her head, causing some fans to grow concerned for the mental health of the comedian, however, Haddish promises that nothing is wrong with her, and shares that her boo Common loves the new look.


“He was like, ‘You look so beautiful… You look amazing, like a queen,'” Haddish said when talking about her boo’s reaction to her cut. Haddish then goes on to explain the liberating effect that her new cut has on her. “The first time I stepped outside- So I was in Missippi when I cut it, and I went outside and it started to rain. It felt like, God was giving me a million little kisses all over my head. It felt like I was being blessed or baptized again. All these sensations, forty years on this planet and I’ve never felt these things before.”

We are happy to see Tiffany in such a happy place in her life. She may inspire one of us to rock the new bald cut next!