Cameron Airborne is from South Florida and drops off the new animated video for “Past Life,” bringing in Doobie and Caskey.

The trippy visual takes you on Airbone’s acid trip while playing video games and smoking out. The wild ride shows Caskey and Doobie pop up on Cam’s video game bringing their verses to cartoon mode in the Colton Visuals direction.

“I produced Past Life with my homie BMagic302. I played guitar on the instrumental, he added the 808 and the drums, so it has that real gritty underground sound  – we co-produced this one,” Cameron Airborne said. It’s more raw underground so I got Caskey and Doobie on the track. Doobie is out in LA and we were on tour last October, so we have a good relationship, he gave me a shout out and a big cameo and a co-sign so to speak.

“The music video is insane, in the video we drop acid and Caskey and Doobie appear as cartoons with the visual. I figured out an idea to still incorporate them in the video but just have them in cartoons. I think this is going to be a really big song for me.”

Music isn’t the only hustle for Cameron Airborne as he is stepping into the legal cannabis market with his own line of products hitting Oklahoma in a partnership with Dreamworks Botanicals.

“So right now I’ve decided to invest in the legal cannabis industry and I’m going to be coming out with my own strains in Oklahoma legally to be sold.  I’m becoming part of Dreamworks Botanicals which is a commercial licensed grow of Cannabis CBD and CBG and so we are going to be pumping that through Oklahoma.  All that came off the last track with Jackboy, it’s been going good and we’ve been piggybacking off the merch and it’s all tying into one.” Cameron Airborne said. “This is a chance for me to enter the legal cannabis industry, something I’ve always wanted to do, by having my own strains named after me. They are called Cameron Airborne Killa Kush or Killa OG. I know the fans are going to love it and it gives us another way to connect. Now they can smoke out and watch all my different visuals with my personal strain, I’m really excited about that. “

You can catch the video below.