Paul George has been struggling to say the least. During the playoffs, George’s game has been off. Well, it finally appears that he is back on track.

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George scored 35 points on 12-of-18 shooting in a 154-111 blowout of the Mavericks. Afterward, he opened up on his struggles and how they impacted his mental health during the series.  

After the game, George was interviewed by TNT’s Jared Greenberg and gave some incredibly raw answers. 


“The bubble got the best of me,” George admitted. “I was just in a dark place. I really wasn’t here. I checked out. These past couples of games, it was just difficult. But, shout out to the people who stood behind me, that was in my corner. The positivity, my family, friends. Everybody. Thank everybody that reached out to me.

The bubble presents a completely unique set of circumstances that a number of players have struggled to adapt to. Normally, a player returns home to his family after a bad game. This postseason? They are forced to stew in an empty hotel room and just be in their thoughts alone.

If game 5 is any indications to George getting back on track, the clippers could see themselves looking like the NBA title favorites once again.