Boogie Down Productions founder and producer Scott La Rock was killed at the behest B Boy Records, the late producer’s friend and collaborator Ced Gee says during an interview with author and journalist Soren Baker on Unique Access Entertainment. Ced Gee and Scott La Rock worked together on Boogie Down Productions’ debut album, 1987’s landmark Criminal Minded album, which was released on B Boy Records.

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Scott La Rock was shot and killed in New York, New York on August 27, 1987. He was going to help fellow Boogie Down Productions member D-Nice defuse an argument he had gotten to regarding a woman he was interested in. Even though Scott helped to resolve the conflict, Ced Gee says Scott was killed as part of a plan by B Boy Records.

“Kris and Scott was on a label where it was run by criminals,” Ced Gee says to Soren Baker. “In the end, they assassinated Scott. That was an assassination. The shooter was in place.”