Somehow, someway, we are back to talking about Dr. Dre’s Detox. The album has been spoken of since the mid-2000s and seemed to be put to bed once the Good Doctor dropped Compton in 2015.

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Enter Akon who is once again stirring up talk on the album. In an interview on VladTV, Akon spoke about working with Dre around the time the album was set to roll out.

“Honestly, if he does it, it should just be as a hobby for the passion, for the love,” Akon said. “Dre is a perfectionist in everything he does and I think he always was afraid to somehow feel like he wouldn’t accomplish what he think he should or what the world anticipates.”


He then makes a plea for the album to just hit the streets. “Just drop that b*tch! Like, he got bangers, though. I know for a fact I did a couple of bangers that the world probably will never hear, but man, from what I did hear when we were working together and I was submitting records for him, they got so much heat. But he’s just a perfectionist, like, too perfect.”

Are you entertaining this Detox talk?