Dylan Shakespeare Robinson, 22; Davon De-Andre Turner, 24; Bryce Michael Williams, 26; and Branden Michael Wolfe, 23 were indicted for setting the Minneapolis police’s Third District police building on fire.

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Williams and Turner “lit a Molotov cocktail,” while Wolfe allegedly “pushed a barrel into a fire at the entrance of the Third Precinct building to accelerate an existing fire.” 

The indictment states that Robinson and an anonymous person “lit an incendiary device,” and another unknown person tossed it into the building.


A crowd of protestors allegedly shouted “Burn it down, burn it down,” according to KSTP, an ABC News affiliate in Minneapolis.

Once the police station was engulfed in flames, the four men and the unknown culprits entered the building.

The Minneapolis police station was set on fire in response to the unjust killing of George Floyd, which his family is still fighting for justice for.