The tension is at an all-time high right now between New York rapper 6ix9ine and…. everyone else in the industry! Same old, same old Tekashi 69 has been continuing to do his daily trolling after cooperating with the feds after being betrayed by his old team. Very few celebrities have continued to work with the “FeFe” rapper following this incident, while many in the industry have openly stated their decision to no longer support 69 for breaking the street code and “snitching.”

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Tekashi 69 arrived in Chicago to promote his forthcoming album. He couldn’t promote without pouring out a bottle of liquor for all of the “fallen soldiers” of Chicago. Rappers Lil Durk, Lil Reese, 600 Breezy, and King Von all drop their 2 cents on Instagram to let it be known that the New York rapper is not welcomed in their city. “Damn the feds in Chicago, everybody go inside,” Lil Durk wrote after seeing the video of 69 walking around the city

“I heard you jsut tried to sneak on block bro,” wrote Chicago rapper Lil Reese. “Dont lose yo life playing on the internet 69,” he finished.


“Yall know what to do,” said 600 Breezy after adding the handshake emoji and traffic lights. King Von added, “@6ix9ine in Chicago heads up,” followed by a rat and cheese emoji. “He in a lot of black trucks,” Von finished.

It wouldn’t be 6ix9ine if he didn’t troll. The New York rapper responded to Lil Reese saying, “I seen a video of u shi**en on yourself,” followed by a sad face. It didn’t stop there, 6ix9ine then re-enacted the video of the Chicago rapper with brown stains on his underwear following the real incident.

We hope 6ix9ine’s trolling habits doesn’t get him caught up in too much trouble. Stay tuned to see who the rapper trolls next.

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