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Donald Trump Jr. spoke earlier this week at the Republican National Convention and while he took aim at Joe Biden calling him the “Loch Ness Monster of the swamp,” he also spoke against racism.

During his Monday speech, President Trump’s son stated “All men and women are created equal and must be treated equally under the law.”

He added, “That’s why we must put an end to racism, and we must ensure that any police officer who abuses their power is held accountable. What happened to George Floyd is a disgrace. And if you know a police officer, you know they agree with that, too.”


Thursday night during the closing speech of the RNC by President Trump, he also took aim at Biden but did not speak toward the ills of racism. Instead, he referred to “violent anarchists” that would be empowered by a Biden presidency.

In addition, President Trump was stated to have over 20 false and misleading claims. You can see the CNN Fact Check recap below.