J Thuro is an emerging artist from Brooklyn New York, who walks listeners through his musical journey. Thuro states he never travels without his red and black Apple Beats pill speakers. He suggests that both speakers are always blasting his latest singles such as “Double Tree”. An instant tropical Caribbean vibe with an angelic sound that taps into your body igniting fiery and soothing dance moves. J Thuro states the energy of this record punches you right in the face and commands 100% of your attention. In the song, he sings,

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Penthouse suites never double tree
Come live a high life full of luxury
All the finer things if you roll with me

Passport stamps and a life full of memories
So baby girl come and roll with me
Flowing through your hair feel the ocean breeze

“Double Tree” is the perfect dancehall/reggae international record for any person singing in the shower, catching vibes in the club, line dancing at the family bbq, or dropping the top on your convertible and racing down the highway. “Double Tree” creates raw feelings of inspiration and decadent lifestyle dreams. J Thuro states that an “average” independent artist will not understand the process of balancing emotions, being transparent lyrically while producing content. J Thuro reminds me of why we love music. Music is the only platform in the world where a star can be born and illuminated simultaneously. J Thuro represents the bold and unapologetic energy of Music Millennials worldwide.