Last week Joe Budden said on his podcast that he will not be renewing his contract with the streaming giant, Spotify.

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Budden claims that when he initially signed the contract with Spotify back in 2018, their vision for podcasting was aligned. However, their visions quickly became unaligned when he realized Spotify cared more about the money than him or his podcast. Joe essentially said that he felt undervalued by the streaming service.

Charlamagne Tha God took to The Breakfast Club last week where he blamed Joe for his beef with Spotify. “It sounds to me like Joe Budden is a person who knows his worth but doesn’t know how to properly negotiate it, ’cause if you keep doing deals with various corporations and you keep getting trash-ass deals, that’s on you,” Charlamagne said. 


Joe Budden responded to Charlamagne’s criticism in a tweet and later clapped back at The Breakfast Club host in the latest installment of The Joe Budden Podcast.

Joe points out how Charlamagne is an iHeartRadio employee at the end of the day, and that he does not own “The Breakfast Club.” While the radio show might be the most popular, if Charlamagne were to leave the show, he could not take it with him.

“I know that you have this healthy obsession with me. I know that you think that we are in a competition. You might also think that we are fighting the same fight. You would be mistaken with all three of those,” Joe stated. “Charlamagne, you not gonna get it because I own this. My most valuable, my most powerful, my most accomplished asset, I own it. Ownership. You see all these Black people running around preaching ownership, ownership, ownership? There’s a reason for it,” he continued.

Joe then goes on to say that he and Charlamagne are not fighting the same fight. Whereas Joe wants to maintain ownership of his assets, Charlamagne runs to different media outlets to get his point across. Joe mentions Charlamagne’s MTV show that got canceled, as well as his failed HBO series.

“I can not have someone with a voice as powerful as you just be misinformed on shit. 10 years, he y’all number one, how are you paid? I’m listening to your fuckin’ ads. We not havin’ the same fight behind the scenes. It looks the same but it’s not the same,” he said. 

You can watch the episode below