The Black community has been in a constant state of grief in 2020 ever since Kobe Bryant passed. Every time we’re praying for something, some other unforeseen event takes place.

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It’s with sadness that we report Three 6 Mafia’s Crunchy Black is having one of the worst days of his life after his daughter was murdered in a hotel shooting.

Authorities say the Memphis rapper’s daughter, Ashley Richardson, and an unidentified man were found dead outside the Fairview Inn and Suites on American Way in Southeast Memphis.


Police are tight-lipped about the suspect(s) and didn’t even confirm Richardson’s identity. But Juicy J took to Twitter to send his condolences to his compadre. “My condolences to you & your family,” he wrote with a picture of Black and his family.

Crunchy Black left Three 6 Mafia in 2006 over monetary disputes and his desire to pursue a solo career. “I’ll say this to you because I never said this to nobody. It was a lot of foul shit going on Vlad, you know what I’m sayin’? Paul and Juicy were the business people of the label I was on,” Crunchy explained before detailing that they’d travel back and forth from New York to Los Angeles and stay in high-end hotels. “They would make me put my own incidentals and all kinds of other slick shit they was doing at the time. And I couldn’t figure out why they was doing me like that.”

“It’s a lot of shit that kind of knocked me and made me feel some type of way. If I beat a n**a up for you, Vlad. C’mon, you can’t look out for me?” He continued. “I felt like they was doing a lot of sht that I didn’t feel like was cool at the time but like I said, could’ve just been me, Vlad… I could’ve talked it out. Me and Paul was real cool. I could’ve pulled Paul to the side and talked to him about it. But I didn’t do that. I did what a lot of people do. Let they mind take control.”