Returning to the game after just about three years away from music, Jerzey B is ready to take on the world with his new single “It’s Litty.” He is passionate about Rap and the music scene in his home state of New Jersey and is excited to cultivate a community around the music and art of Hip Hop. 

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Music and writing has been a place of solace for Jerzey B since his mother was stabbed by his father when he was eight years old. “I really didn’t know how to speak about my feelings and my emotions. And I found music and I started writing things down.” After a rough patch in his life and career, he decided to take time away from the art, but the draw of being a musician and writer was too much for him to bear. With all of the free time he had due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Jerzey B was compelled to get back into writing and make an official return to the music scene over the month of April 2020.

Growing up, Jerzey B was quickly captivated by music and concerts. “I just loved it. I was watching it and, I don’t know, every time I saw it, I just felt a connection. I felt connected to the music. For me, the music felt like my connection. I literally just picked it up and started writing. I didn’t have to learn how to be on beat, it was there. I automatically knew how to do it.” Feeling that he fit seamlessly into the role, he began writing and creating tracks to share with the world.


Jerzey B’s latest track, “It’s Litty” is a great descriptor of just how well his life is going. A look into his creation process gives his audience a deeper insight into just how easily the music comes to him and builds a whole new level on top of an already great Hip Hop track. “Now, honestly, it’s pretty simple.  I go with what I feel. I can put something together in like 20 – 30 minutes. My writing process is literally if I get nothing from it in the first eight bars, then I know that it’s not for me.” Knowing his process allows the audience to understand where he’s coming from and how he feels about his music in a way that the song itself cannot fully convey. 

A native of New Jersey, Jerzey B is inspired to cultivate and organize the Hip Hop community in a way that can help and teach rappers and musicians of all kinds to be the best performers and artists that they can possibly be. “We have a lot of talented artists but it’s the structure that’s lacking. I want to construct Jersey in a manner that gets them on a level to where it’s more. I basically want to be that structure and get as many people from New Jersey as possible.”