Even though Kanye’s contract with Adidas has proven very lucrative, Kanye still feels like there are some things he should be allowed to do. One of those is to wear a pair of Air Jordans.

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Part 1 of Nick Cannon’s interview with Kanye West recently released online. The two talked about a variety of topics. Kanye was talking about how he wants his Yeezy luggage to replace the Louis Vuitton duffel and the Yeezy 350s have replaced Nike’s Roshe Run.

“When me and Virgil used to go intern with Guisseppe Zanotti, and he was teaching us how to design shoes. We would go to the airport and see this shoe by Nike called the Roshe… I looked at that Roshe and said ‘I need to replace that shoe.’ And now when you go to the airport you see 350s, you really don’t see the Roshe anymore” West said.


Kanye then pointed at a Louis Vuitton duffel bag that was offscreen and said he wants his Yeezy luggage to replace it. “I remember how the Louis duffel would make me feel when I went to Atlanta to work with Jermaine Dupree. And there’d be someone with a throwback jersey, a rolex, a louis duffel, a polo shirt, some Jordans,” West said.

That’s when Kanye reminded himself of how much he misses wearing a pair of Jordans.

“I was just thinking, in my Adidas contract I definitely should be able to wear Jordans. Jordans need to be part of reparations. You cant tell a Black man he cant wear Jordans,” West jokingly remarked.

It seems Kanye’s bad blood towards Nike has gone away. The rapper left Nike for Adidas back in 2013. West felt as if Nike was putting him in a “box” and Nike did not give him royalties for his sneakers.

Recently, Kanye praised the Nike ISPA sneaker and in an interview with GQ Magazine, said he would be fine with Nike re-releasing the Air Yeezy II sneakers.