Following his court victory last week, Rick Ross made it his goal to rub it in 50 Cents face. Ross then took aim at Lloyd Banks and dragged him in the drama as well.

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In a video, Ross was smoking a joint listening to Banks I’m So Fly. “Banks, you still got some money? Show us what you livin’ like,” he said. “If you ain’t got no money, I’ll give you five grand for the Banks name. That might be one of my aliases — Dank Sinatra,” Ross said. “I came up with a dope title for Lloyd Banks next LP. Or EP. “Victim Of Circumstance.”

Instead of firing shots back at Rozay on a track, Lloyd Banks took to Twitter to respond to the self-proclaimed boss. “I’ll NEVER join the don’t expect it from me..peace & love,” Banks said.


It is unsure whether the beef between Rozay and Banks will continue to evolve like Ross’ beef between 50 Cent. Banks seems to not want any part in Rick Ross’ drama. Ross seemed to have forgotten he still never responded to Banks Officer Down diss back when photos leaked of Ross when he was a correctional officer.