Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback Kirk Cousins isn’t afraid to catch the coronavirus.

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Cousins shared some of his personal views on the coronavirus pandemic in an appearance on The Ringer’s 10 Questions podcast with Kyle Brandt. Cousins was asked a question about whether or not he believes in wearing masks or is concerned about catching COVID-19.

“If I die, I die,” Cousins said about his mindset.


Brandt followed up by talking to about Cousins how he feels about the CDC’s recommendation to wear a mask in order to protect yourself from contracting COVID-19.

“If 1 is the person who says, ‘Masks are stupid, you’re all a bunch of lemmings’ and 10 is, ‘I’m not leaving my master bathroom for the next 10 years,’ where do you land?”Brandt asked.

“I’m not gonna call anybody stupid, for the trouble it would get me in. But I’m about a .000001,” Cousins responded.

Brandt asked him why, and Cousins said, “I want to respect what other people’s concerns are. For me personally, just talking no one else can get the virus, what is your concern if you could get it, I would say I’m gonna go about my daily life. If I get it, I’m gonna ride it out. I’m gonna let nature do its course. Survival-of-the-fittest kind of approach. And just say, if it knocks me out, it knocks me out. I’m going to be OK. You know, even if I die. If I die, I die. I kind of have peace about that.”

Cousins’ take on COVID-19 is simple minded and doesn’t help with bringing awareness to the pandemic. He really should have kept all of his opinions to himself.