It’s officially Bryson Tiller season.

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After teasing that he was sitting on a vault of unreleased music, the R&B crooner released a new music video called “Inhale.”

The Louisville native instantly began trending on Twitter but the most savory part about the release of the “Not Gon’ Cry” sampled record is that he announced his highly-anticipated junior project.


Ahead of this announcement, Bryson Tiller created a poll on Twitter asking his fans when he should drop his album.

“When the time is right” was the top answer, and thankfully that time is in the Fall.

In other related Tiller news, he recently received his High School diploma and welcomed his second daughter with his girlfriend, Kendra Bailey.

His last effort musical effort, True to Self, was released in May 2017 and was met with mixed reviews. Pen Griffey did cite that depression affected his music but he’s been “workin hard ever since” and hopefully that’s apparent in the music.

Check out the video for “Inhale” below: