Star Wars star John Boyega recently sat down with GQ magazine where he discussed his experience with the Star Wars franchise. He criticized the franchise for marketing his character just because he is Black, and for heavily promoting his character whose role in the trilogy was eventually diminished.

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After sitting down with GQ, Michael Rapaport decided to throw in his two cents on Boyega’s sentiments.

Rapaport took to Twitter to first congratulate Boyega for his accomplishments before essentially telling Boyega to be grateful that he was in a Star Wars movie.


Boyega responded to Rapaport saying “Did you read the article ? thanks for the additional name to my list though,” most likely referring to his list of people who have criticized him for speaking out about his experience.

“Things don’t always work out the way YOU plan. Happens to ALL of Us. Again be grateful for all u done so far which is a lot more than TONS of great actors of all races who also had roles cut down & will continue to” Rapaport responded.

“:) no. Thanks though,” Boyega responded.

The internet quickly came to Boyega’s defense, scolding Rapaport for putting his nose in business that doesn’t pertain to him.

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