Is King Kendrick ready to make his return?

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Earlier this week, Kendrick Lamar was spotted reportedly filming a music video in Los Angeles. A picture was taken of Lamar holding a payphone to his ear while sitting on a crate.

At the time, this is picture is all we can go off of. Unless Kendrick lost his phone in the middle of L.A. and desperately needed to call someone and just happened to have a crate he could sit on, the assuming he’s filming a music video might be our best bet.


Kendrick has been quiet for the last two years since producing the Black Panther Album in 2018. Recently, he has been showing signs of returning to the music scene. He has been photographed with fellow artist and cousin Baby Keem in L.A.’s Fairfax District. Recently he has been taking to the streets to protests and narrated Nike’s tribute to Kobe Bryant.

Hopefully this is the return we have been waiting for.