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If you were a fan of Keyshia Cole and Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, then you are aware that the two have been trying to settle a divorce for years.

For at least two or three years, the couple has been having a hard time finding mutual grounds within their divorce agreement, but according to The Blast, the two have been able to walk away not owing each other a penny.

According to The Blast, Keyshia Cole nor Daniel Gibson have to pay child or spousal support and have joint custody of their son, Daniel Gibson Jr. Also, the two have agreed to not bad mouth the other or any family members moving forward.


If you have ever watched Love and Hip Hop then you may remember Keyshia and Daniel appearing on the show. The two have made it known that there wasn’t any room for repair in their marriage, that the divorce was a mutual agreement, and we have since seen them in outside relationships.

Keyshia Cole has even had another son by rapper, Niko Khale. Congratulations to the two on having a mature separation.