Presidential candidate Joe Biden has enlisted the assistance of Latin megastars Bad Bunny and Alejandro Fernandez in his ads that target the Latino community, specifically in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Prospective voters can listen to Bad Bunny’s 2020 hit song “Pero Ya No”,
which will include footage from several Trump rallies and racial protests.

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Biden’s campaign also takes a step further in a bid to secure the votes of the Mexican-American community by using Alejandro Fernandez’s latest hits, “Decepciones”. Audio from the ad includes lines from the Mexican singer that state when translated, “I don’t miss you anymore” and “and if we’re talking about disappointments, I think yours has been the most hurtful”. The imagery for this ad includes Trump’s remarks surrounding border security, and disparaging statements about the Mexican immigrant community.

The obvious goal with this targeted campaign is to keep resonating with the Latino community, in hopes that the Biden Campaign will lock in their votes come November.


As of September 1, 2020, Biden is leading Donald Trump in the polls 53% to 40%. In 2016, Trump won 28% of the Hispanic vote.  Biden is certainly trying to tap into this Hispanic audience, and we will see if campaigns like this one with Bad Bunny can help Biden move the needle in his favor. “Buena suerte con eso!”