Disney is reportedly unsure of how to continue the Black Panther franchise without Chadwick Boseman because he was reportedly preparing to film the sequel. But Whoopi Goldberg has the perfect solution.

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“Dear people in charge of building NEW experiences [at] Disneyland and World, we don’t really need another Frozen land but what we could use is [Wakanda],” Goldberg posted to her Twitter account.

Goldberg’s Wakanda-themed Disney park idea is just one of the ways the late actor’s fans are proposing to honor him.


There’s a petition with over 40,000 signatures for Boseman to replace a Confederate statue in South Carolina in honor of him and his hometown. “The Confederate Monument belongs in a museum but has no right to be displayed there,” the petition reads.

“I believe the community should come together to honor someone from Anderson, South Carolina, that was able to change the movie industry. He opened many doors for many young Black people with his leading roles in movies such as Black Panther or Marshall. It is only natural that his hometown honors what he did. There is no need for political controversy in this decision,” the petition’s organizer wrote.

Robert Downey Jr. said it himself: “And Black Panther is, hands down, it is the crowing achievement of the Marvel Universe, and I say that with all due respect to all the films that have been made, including my own.” So a Wakanda-themed park at Disney certainly sounds fitting.