Big Sean dropped his new LP ‘Detroit 2’ on Friday with several stories from Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder and Dave Chappelle about the rapper’s hometown. Chappelle specifically recalls speaking with Big Sean’s father after his infamous stand up show in Detroit where he bombed miserably.

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Chappelle has previously told the story of getting high with Detroit rapper Danny Brown prior to going on stage at The Filmore in the D, and he retold the story on Sean’s album. Chappelle remembers getting so high with Danny Brown that he knew before he even went on stage that he was going to bomb.

After leaving the stage, a gang of people behind the scenes checked to make sure Dave was okay after the bad performance, to which he responds that he really didn’t care. Chappelle compares the room to the famous SNL skit Massive Head wound Harry.


What stuck with the famous comedian from that night was a conversation he had with a man who turned out to be Big Sean’s father who Chappelle says gave him a “pep talk that only a dad could give” that made the comedian feel “wonderful.”

Chappelle doesn’t give the details of the conversation, but proceeds to give love to Big Sean and to the city of Detroit.