Dr. Dre and his wife, Nicole Young, have decided to call it quits after 24 years of marriage.

Contrary to previous reports, the couple has a prenuptial agreement. TMZ reports that Nicole filed documents last month claiming that she was forced to sign the prenup, then two years into their marriage he tore it up in front of her after expressing regret.

The mogul argues that she willingly signed it and he’d like it enforced.


Dr. Dre is worth $800 so that might have motivated Nicole to request $1,936,399 monthly in temporary spousal support, according to court documents. She wants an additional $5 million in lawyer fees.

But the tabloid reports that she’s not going to get that large lump sum without a fight, especially since her lifestyle hasn’t changed.

She still lives in their Malibu home and still has access to their cars and other luxuries. But Nicole is reportedly going to argue that she doesn’t want to depend on Dre to pay all the bills which is why she needs so much.

Good thing for Dr. Dre their sons are adults because she certainly would’ve made an argument for child support.