Do you know what type of talent it takes to run up one billion views on YouTube? The type that is present in Kidd Keo. The Spanish rapper has recently released his new masterpiece, Back to Rockport, via Warner Latino.

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To grab the ears and attention of potential listeners, Kidd Keo releases “Demons,” bringing in one of the hottest artists in New York City, Young MA, for assistance. The flow is on full display from Kidd Keo as he flexes between bars in Spanish and English, while MA compliments with another stand out verse. “Demons” is currently taking over the globe as it is on top of the charts in Mexico, Spain, and Argentina.

“Demons” was followed by “Little Bit” bringing in King Shooter for a record of flawless flows and bilingual lunges across verses.


Those two songs are of 25 on Back to Rockport, which dabble in dual language ability.

Kidd Keo grew up in Alicante, Spain but moved to Toronto, Canada, which opened his eyes to the variances of music, which he could create in. His career sparked in 2015 leading to this moment.

You can follow Kidd Keo here and be sure to hear his album below.