Sometimes its best to not say anything when you open your mouth.

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The Charlotte Hornets have decided to part ways with radio play-by-play announcer John Focke over a tweet he sent that included the N-word.

The Hornets announced on Thursday that Focke has been fired for violating the organization’s social media policy.


Obviously, Focke tied to say it was a typo but nobody believes you, you need more peoples.

Focke explained the mistake saying, “I made a horrific error while attempting to tweet about the Denver-Utah game. I don’t know how I mistyped. I had (and have) no intention of ever using that word. I take full responsibility for my actions. I have been sick to my stomach about it every [sic] since. I’m truly sorry that this happened and I apologize to those I offended.”

This is another reminder that while freedom of speech is free, it can still cost you. Will Focke learn from this teachable moment? Probably not.