DJ Khaled and Drake are back with another hit song in the single, “Popstar.” Playing off of the chaos that the COVID-19 has caused across borders, and how devasting it has been for artists trying to move and shake during this 2020 pandemic, the two put the drama on with their opening skit.

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Khaled was his classic “We the Best” self, championing a petition for Drizzy to do the video for their new smash. With a myriad of reasons as to why it should happen immediately, Khaled shifted in a three form split-screen forcefully yet charmingly begging his friend to do the visual.

Drake responds to the producer with a scripted reply that many believed was forced.

Drake Popstar
Drake Popstar

Critics took to social media trying to drag the “God’s Plan” rapper for trying too hard to at this acting thing, urging him to stick to the music.

“Drake wants to be an actor so bad but I’m kinah with it he can defo act” one user named @pktheterrible stated.

The Champagne Papi’s fans were in disbelief that someone didn’t know that not only can Drake act, but back when he was only Aubrey Graham he was a big star on Nickelodeon’s teen soap opera, Degrassi. Like… Duh… Where have you all been?

Fans stunted by flaunting their day one status — being down with him with Jimmy was shooting hoops in the gym (Drake’s character was a basketball player on the show who eventually got shot and paralyzed before starting a rap career in Canada).

“People judging Drake’s acting not knowing he was a whole actor on Degrassi: The Next Generation as Jimmy Brooks before Drake was Drake a lot of us knew him as Aubrey Graham first”

“Wait, so Aubrey Graham came out with a whole music video a while back with Degrassi cast cameos and people don’t know this is his name and that’s where he got his start????”

“So which member of ‘born after 2005’ Twitter initiated this trending of DeGrassi bc they thought Aubrey Graham was a rapper before an actor?”

“where i met aubrey graham vs. when y’all met aubrey graham”

The video does “get made” but not with Drake (or Aubrey Graham) rapping.

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Lyrical Justin Bieber stars in the music video for Drake and DJ Khaled

Instead, he taps his fellow Canadian Justin Bieber as a stand-in. Director X, responsible for so many incredible video moments in Hip-Hop, captures the “Baby” singer as he smokes the lipsync with all the popstar swag (pun intended) that is needed for such an epic event!

Check out his video below: