As the NFL season is set to begin this Thursday, the Houston Texans are making sure they lock down Deshaun Watson long term.

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As reported by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Watson has signed a four-year extension worth over $160 million to keep him with Houston through 2025.

Prior to signing the extension, Watson was under contract with the Texans through the 2021 season. The team could have waited to sign Watson to the extension but didn’t want to risk Watson getting closer to free agency.


The contract is shorter than the one Patrick Mahomes signed with Kansas City, which Watson wanted. Watson will also make more than Mahomes over those four years due in part to the back-ended nature of the Mahomes contract.

Watson released a statement, saying he was “honored and humbled” to sign with the Texans.

Watson has been a consistent anchor to the Texans’ offense since his rookie season back in 2017. Now that he is paid, Watson’s next task is to get his Texans over the hump and be mention as an AFC favorite in the likes of the Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, and New England Patriots.