Cardi B takes to her Instagram to blast Trump-supporting, Candace Owens. The “WAP” singer donated 12 minutes out of her very busy life to thrash the Republican bully.

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Prompted by a racially motivated attack on her sister Hennessy, a Lesbian Afro-LatinX woman, Cardi finally addressed the harassment that has been plaguing her on social and broadcast media, ever since she started using her voice and platform to defeat Donald Trump in this upcoming election.

The GRAMMY Award-winning rapper should have been celebrating the Balenciaga endorsement deal that she just secured or nursing her cold, maybe taking care of her child, but instead she sharing with her fans what Trump supporters have been doing to her. Many mock her for the way she speaks and tease her as if she has no value greater than that of an entertainment industry commodity, but even in her broken English, she shuts them down — reaching into the heart of Americans.


Adapted Transcript below:

I will not show my face in this video. I look like sh*t. I feel like sh*t. I’m a little sick. I don’t know why the devil is trying me today, but I’m gonna give his demons a response today. I’m going to give the devil a response today. It’s not a secret that I use my platform to get people to vote. I love politics. I endorse the Democratic Party. Everybody knows … I don’t really f**k with Trump like that. Y’all don’t see this because y’all don’t be paying attention, but I get harassed by Trump supporters so much. There are some Trump supporters that are like celebrity Trump supporters.

They just have huge platforms and they be coming for me every single day. They be degrading me. They be making fun of me. I ignore them. I don’t give a f**k.

Sh*t gets so intense, that a Trump supporter posted my address and encourage people to DOXX my home. To [set] my house on fire. I had to literally hire a private investigator to serve them with a warrant and arrest this boy (Mind you, this boy was a f**king teenager). His parents were f**king shook. So, today one of the most popular Trump supporters which is Candace Owens really said some really nasty things about me because I sat down with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden sat down with me to speak with me. You know that interview. Two weeks ago, Fox News was really talking sh*t about me too because Joe Biden sat down with me to do the interview. But let me tell you something … why wouldn’t Joe Biden want to sit down with me, Cardi B? I have millions of followers and I pay millions in taxes. I have the number one song in this country and the number one song in the United Kingdom. I have the number one song in Australia. I got the number one song in New Zealand. I’m heard all around the world. So, just like I can make people pop their p**sy and have a good time and make them feel like a bad b**ch, I could also encourage millions of followers to go vote.

Now you’re saying that Joe Biden is pandering ’cause he’s using a popular figure like me? But your president, the guy that you f**king love so much, he panders as well.

… This is the reason why I have to stand up. I pay so much money in taxes. I’m a good American. I don’t bother nobody. My little sister … she’s a good American. She don’t bother nobody. She barely posts on Instagram and this girl could not even go to the beach with her girlfriend today in the Hamptons without getting harassed by Trump supporters.

My sister was at the beach. Her girlfriend went to the car and these mother f**kers started talking crazy to my sister’s girlfriend went and told my sister. You know Hennessey’s crazy … they started telling my sister ‘Why y’all talking Spanish.’

When my sister whipped her phone out, they calm down … ’cause they already know what’s going on. They already know [people] are getting recorded. So, the same day you harass me is the same day that my sister is getting harassed. A b**ch that pays her taxes … doesn’t have a criminal record and you out here wondering why Joe Biden is doing an interview with me.

You wanna know why? Because no matter how much money I make … no matter how hard I work … I can’t be a f**king free American. My sister can’t be a free American. You got these Trump-supporting family harassing two lesbians. I was just watching on TV on Univision … Trump has a commercial talking about Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris to be vice president. There were, I guess, four candidates that were running to be vice president, and they were Hispanic and Joe Biden didn’t pick them. Hispanics [contributed] 2.4 billion dollars to the economy and then says, ‘[Are] Hispanic people not enough for Joe Biden?’ Why is your president doing that type of commercial and putting that Univision?

Why is your president pandering? Why is your president race-baiting against Hispanic and Black people … the people that get killed the most by the police? You want to call me a dumb b**ch? You wanna call me illiterate and everything? You getting pimped out by a white man!

You are this man’s cheerleader! You’re a beautiful Black woman … you talk great … amazing and you support Trump!

And he didn’t have the decency to let you talk at the Republican convention.

He did he put the general attorney that is in charge of Breonna Taylor’s case. The Breonna Taylor case … but he hasn’t said a word to his own people. A Black man that ever said a word to his own people about a Black woman that got killed in her house while she was sleeping. He picked him to speak at the Republican convention and not you!

… You wanna call me dumb? I’m not getting pimped out by white men!

I don’t know what Black men broke your heart … what’s wrong that you hate your kind so much?

You talking about Joe Biden be pandering? Your president can’t and because nobody f**k with him! He was crying because football players don’t f**k with him. So what are you talking about?

I’m gonna keep sending my millions of followers to vote and so we can get your president out of her. I’m tired of this.

Your president told people to drink bleach! You wanted to answer for me, Candace Owens.

You have been coming for me … and for such a long time … you got the answer.

The only reason why answered you today is because of what happened with my sister. Other than that … Wake up! Wake up!
Go outside! A man got shot seven times in his back and the president has said nothing about that!

But you know what your president is out here doing? He is out here doing speeches about why they need to take poor people from white suburban neighborhoods. Those are not the only Americans! White suburban Americans are not the only Americans in this country.

You wanted an answer … here you go! You have it! Now leave me alone. I’m gonna go eat some chicken noodle soup.”

Candace Owens replied claiming, among other things, that more Black men kill white men.

Cardi B didn’t let her slide.