Draymond Green has an interesting message for big men around the NBA.

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Green sees the Lakers vs Rockets series as something of a turning point in the center position. While the Lakers still have classic big men like Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis, the Rockets lean on smaller lineups. 6-foot-7 Robert Covington was Houston’s tallest Game 1 starter, and the only one over 6-foot-5.

Draymond took to Twitter and give a unique opinion to the series and the future of the center position.


Funny enough, Green helped bring small-ball into the mainstream. The Warriors sometimes deployed him at center despite being just 6-foot-6.

Either way, you look at it, Draymond has a point. More and more, the NBA style of play is moving away with low post moves and centers camping out in the paint. The Lakers have the height but the Rockets have the shooters.

Centers have been all but getting extinct in the NBA. Maybe Draymond’s comments would get the attention of the Lakers’ bigs to step it up.