Harlem’s very own, Hass Irv is the next to embrace the borough’s authentic trend. Harlem, NY has birth some of Hip-Hop’s favorite stars including Ma$e, The Diplomats, A$AP Mob, Dave East, Sheck Wes and more. Like many of his predecessors, Hass Irv is ready to take the proverbial baton to the stratosphere, while screaming “Geronimo!” in the process.

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Born to a Guinean mother and Malian father, Hass was sent to Africa at a young age before returning to Harlem at 7. Upon his return he did not know English, which led to an adjustment period of creating his distinguished identity.

He embraced the rich cultural history in music and fashion of his native borough. Before he was known as one of the next leaders of the new school, he gained notoriety as Hassy “The Plug.” His uncanny ability to land exclusive sneaker releases drew no comparison. After making the transition to college, he realized his passion for music. This led to being handpicked by Pusha T for the 1800 Seconds album which highlighted ten up-and-coming artists from around the country. Dubbed the “lightning rod” by Push himself, Hass Irv continues to live up to the definition.


Last month (August), he dropped his debut EP, No Patience. The 8-track EP is a 30 minute battery pack, with replay value for recharge. Prior to its release, he dropped high energy and visually daring, “All Day.” In the music video, Hass and his entourage roam New York City with swag and an intention to take over. “All Day” puts the game on notice that Hass Irv is just getting started.

From streetwear fashion to music, Harlem Hass is a product of his culturally infused environment. When you’re embraced by fashion legends like Dapper Dan, you can foresee a high trajectory.

His latest documentary displays his rise as he prepared for the release of his first EP. It’s a 13 minute story of how greatness can come from embracing the positive influence of your environment.

Watch “Harlem Has” documentary below.