Tik Tok star Danielle Cohn has been getting roasted these last couple days after posting a video of her claiming Ashanti’s song “Foolish” as one of her own.

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Cohn started to gain social media attention back in 2016 when she posted videos of herself lip-syncing famous hit songs. When she hit 13 she decided to move to Los Angeles to focus on her singing career.

When she posted the video, she was referring to her version of the song ‘Foolish’ as one of her own, not a cover. She also failed to give Ashanti any credit. She even tried to use the video to sell her own merchandise. “Make a TikTok to my new song,” she wrote. She even called the track “Foolish” in the video’s description.


Social media came in droves to set Cohn straight. Ashanti fans pointed out how Cohn’s video is a cover and not her own song.

Cohn then came out on Twitter to try to set the record straight. “Do people not understand what a cover is,” she tweeted.

Obviously she must not know what an original song is either.

When the tweet didn’t work, she took to Instagram to say this: “Hey, guys, so I just wanna clear this up. So I did not steal Ashanti’s song or take it from her.” “Many people do it so I don’t really know why I’m getting hated for it,” she added. “I just want to remake one of my favourite songs so can you just stop saying that I took her song when I didn’t? I even gave her credit and everything so… Just stop.”