There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding a viral clip of a fourteen-year-old girl being “disciplined” by her father and stepmother.

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Thousands of individuals on social media were in rage as they watch the couple verbally abuse the little girl, followed by physical hitting. The stepmother tells the child to take her hair down, and when the little girl refused she grabbed the young girl by the head, causing the girl to try and flee from the altercation, but was unable to.

The entire thing was recorded on Instagram Live, which showed the father then run after the young girl and throwing her back into the room to be further assaulted by the couple.


The father posted a video explaining his actions behind the way he treated his daughter. The explanation wasn’t enough for social media watchers including Lil Scrappy as he stepped in to give his opinion on the matter. “So they say she is now safe with her grandmother, amen and thank God he is absolutely real, and now where is the parents. Let’s meet up so we all can get our frustrations off jack, that’s still ain’t right,” he penned.

Deb Antney uploaded a video showing that the fourteen-year-old, whose name is Trinity, is safe with her. “She Is Safe Now. Thank you @reallilscrappy for helping, She’s safe now! Thank you everyone for the support. She’s in good hands. I got her!” Deb captioned the video, where you can see a smiling Trinity waving at the camera.

“She’s safe now! Thank you everyone for the support. She’s in good hands. I got her! Allstate ain’t got nothing on me right now. So she is super good. She’s safe and she’s good. And people please stop making those fake pages and saying things that are really not true,” Deb says in the video.

It’s good to see Deb step in to help Trinity. We are happy to see the young Queen smiling!