According to a confirmed news report, Georgia rapper was handed down a hefty prison sentence for illega2lly possessing a firearm after flashing a Ruger 9mm in several of his music video.

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Yayo, whose real name is Antonio Bell and an admitted member of the Bloods’ 5-9 Brim set, was given an 84-month sentence in federal custody by U.S. District Court Chief Judge J. Randal Hall after pleading guilty to the possession charge. 

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia Bobby L. Christine said, “Antonio Bell knew that as a convicted felon he is not allowed to carry firearms, yet he chose not only to violate the law but to brazenly glorify gun possession in his videos posted online,” she continued, “Now, inside a prison, he might have a live audience – but he won’t be able to flash firearms in his performances.”


Autuhorities found the weapon with the high-velocity magazine under the seat of his Corvette during a routine traffic stop.