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The NFL season is set to begin on Thursday night and the league is gearing up for a season like no other thanks to COVID-19.

Commissioner Roger Goodell told NBC Sports’ Peter King that the league is ready to accommodate potential schedule changes due to COVID-19.

“We’re prepared if we have to do that,” Goodell said. “We’ve obviously gone through work on that basis with teams. There will be potential competitive inequities that will be required this season because of the virus and because of the circumstances that we wouldn’t do in other years. That’s going to be a reality of 2020. If we feel like we have an outbreak, that’s going to be driven by medical decisions — not competitive decisions.”


This is what MLB had to deal with earlier on with the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals as multiple players tested positive for COVID-19 and numerous games where postponed.

All eyes will be on the NFL this fall and if they can learn from the other sports leagues that started back earlier. Either way, according to Goodell, the league is ready for whatever comes their way this fall.