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Tyler Perry has been known for his “efficient” filming methods. The billionaire filmmaker even filmed his most recent film A Fall From Grace in just five days. Perry might’ve just bested himself after reports that he has filmed four TV shows in just 2 months.

According to Deadline, Perry just finished season 2 of his BET+ comedy series Bruh on Sunday. The 19 season episode only took four days to shoot. This concludes the filming of four TV series that started two months ago.



Over the last two months, Perry has filmed 82 episodes. He started on July 9th, filming Sistas. He took a week off and then began filming the next season of The Oval. He took another week off before filming another season of Ruthless, which is a spinoff of The Oval. He concluded with filming Bruh.


The answer to how Perry did this, an NBA like “quarantine bubble.”

Perry has spent well into six figures to provide thousands of COVID-19 tests to keep his crew of over 300 people safe. Crew members were housed in existing and rental housing on Perrys 330 acre studio. He first tested everybody who same onto the studio for COVID-19 and had them quarantine until their results came back.

There were four positives before the filming of “Sistas” began and one cast member of “Ruthless” tested positive before production began. However, no COVID-19 cases were reported once everybody was on campus and production began.

Say what you want about his movies and TV shows, but obviously he has something working for him and an unmatched work ethic.