According to a recent court filing from the FBI, it is believed that late Black Disciples leader Lawrence “Big Law” Loggins was shot and killed in 2019 while sitting in his car by the Mexican Gulf Cartel over an “unaccounted for” drug and gun shipment.

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This revelation came to the bureau through an informant, another Black Disciple member, who was being interrogated following a gun and drug bust in 2018. The CI told the FBI that the Loggins’s successor as the Disciples’ leader, Kenneth Brown, spoke about the moments that led up to Big Law’s murder being that he was in the car when Loggins was fatally shot.

Brown, who the informant called Loggins’ right-hand man, told him that a shipment of cocaine and guns were to arrive in Chicago from the Gulf Cartel, but now some of the shipment is somehow “unaccounted for.” According to the CI, Brown said that Law was killed over the shipment and that he was left to foot the almost half-million-dollar bill owed to the cartel.


Earlier this year, Brown was arrested in a multi-year federal drug and gun trafficking investigation on the city’s South Side after agents seized 13 kilograms of cocaine in a Chicago storage unit.