Recently, allegations of domestic abuse have come out against former rapper and podcaster, Joe Budden.

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Just a last week, Tahiry Jose claimed that the “Pump It Up” rapper physically abused her when they were together years ago. Now, in a recently leaked phone conversation, Budden’s former fiancee, Cyn Santana, alleges that Budden physically abused her as well.

In the leaked phone conversation, Cyn alleges that Budden had chased and dragged her. However, Joe denies he ever abused or did anything to hurt Cyn.


One Twitter user responded to Budden’s accusations which prompted Joe to respond in a cryptic tweet. “Bro idk who you pissed off but the smear campaign is crazy @JoeBudden,” the user wrote.

“You can’t kill nothing that’s ready to die,” Budden responded.

Even though Joe has not formally responded to these accusations, Cyn took to Instagram to discuss the phone call leak in a nearly 10 minute video. “I dont play about my family and I most definitely don’t play about my son. Mind y’all business. Love 🙏🏽✨,” she commented.